Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors are ideal when climate control is a priority. Available in a wide variety of glazing styles, with aluminium frame profiles of various weights. Two, three and four wing models offer an unparalleled level of flexibility to designers. Guide pedestrian traffic smoothly whilst ensuring maximum safety and convenience with minimal user effort.


Revolving doors are available in many configurations to meet virtually all applications. The beauty and elegance of Manual, Automatic, and Security revolving doors can be found in all types of buildings worldwide that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. iSee Access solutions offers a fully surveyed, supplied, installed and serviced revolving door product - a testament to our commitment to quality.

Revolving door types:

  • high-capacity-revolving-doors
  • compact-revolving-doors
  • power-assist-revolving-door
  • all-glass-revolving-doors
  • access-controlled-revolving-doors
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